Director's Word

Technology at the Service of Regulation

Serra e Company implements more tools for the clients, without leaving aside its commitment to sustainability.

The growing demand, today not limited to insurance companies, but extended to regulators, brokers and insureds demanded from Serra e Company a complete remodeling in computer systems (networking), aiming to allow the direct access of customers to the company's data system.

"Result of high investments in hardware and almost two years of research and software development, today we can provide the agility required by the customers, and the sensible cost economy to the users", comments Eduvaldo Teixeira Neto, Property Manager of Serra e Company.

Through a simple Internet access, the customer has all the necessary information about the progress of the work requested, enjoying full security and secrecy, to take advantage of what is most modern in terms of information technology.

"This allows us to obtain and provide information in real time about the progress of the processes, visualizing images of the claim, received and requested documentation, steps taken in the inspection, pending issues, incurred expenses and others", adds José Carlos Serra, Serra e Company's director.

Internally, our system controls the processes in a unique way, with maximum agility and data security, enabling a significant increase in management and capacity to absorb the work.

Commitment with Sustainability

Serra e Company is constantly concerned about issues related to the environment. Even when the word "sustainability" was not as fashionable as it is today, "We believe that only preaching concepts of preservation is not enough, but acting effectively in order to achieve results that benefit both the company and the planet in general, and it is with this intention that we have invested in concrete actions and measures to achieve the proposed goals", says Serra.

All the materials used by the company have a recyclable origin, from the paper used daily to the gifts distributed annually to customers and friends.

Through partnerships with nationally and internationally recognized entities, we promote courses for our employees on environmental preservation awareness.

Product designs

José Carlos Serra remembers that the company is a pioneer in attending environmental claims, having developed its own methodology. "Thanks to our experience we have participated in various forums in the insurance market, helping in the development of products (policies to guarantee environmental risks)".